When Will Madonna Start Acting Her Age and Wear Appropriate Outifits? Worst Dressed at the Grammys.

I’m sorry Madonna fans but I think it’s time that Madonna started acting her age and either retired or showed up to events with her ass in her pants and her boobs tucked away.

Just when everyone had thought they had seen the last of Madonna, the 57 year old is spotted at the Grammy Awards in very little to the imagination. Madonna rocked a custom made Givenchy outfit that was black lace, very short, left her with huge amounts of cleavage and lets not forget there was the tiniest piece of threading on the back leaving her ass completely hanging out.


I know Madonna is known for terrible red carpet attire but at some point in life one has to think that she will just once surprise us and wear a nice custom made gown and actually look elegant. With all the plastic surgery that she’s paid for you would think she would want to be talked about in a positive light rather then an embarrassment. Madonna has to realize she’s not the star that she used to be- Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and One Direction top her and can afford to wear little to the imagination- not 56 year old women.

Unfortunately her performance Living for Love was just as awful as her outfit. The whole performance was very dull. The one thing Madonna can do is dance and she was barely dancing to her capability. Check out the video and tell me what you think… If I were Madonna fan I would be very disappointed.

One thought on “When Will Madonna Start Acting Her Age and Wear Appropriate Outifits? Worst Dressed at the Grammys.”

  1. Eat something. You’re a has been. Good night. Madonna paved the way for you. Without your husband you would be a nobody now. Spice what? Lol

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