Kanye West Proves He Is Still The Same Jackass As Always at Grammys. (VIDEO)

Kanye West has proved once again that he is a total jackass by stealing the stage at the announcement of Beck winning Album of The Year.

It may have come as a surprise to a lot of supporters out there that Beyoncé didn’t win Album of the Year for her 2013 self titled release- however it’s the Grammy’s… anything can happen.

Kanye West felt the need to go up on stage and just as he was about to interrupt he held back making it look like a joke as he walked off the stage. The crowd thought he was doing a funny replay of his 2009 rant where he interrupted Taylor Swift for Album of the Year… only Kanye wasn’t joking.

“I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us,” West told E! after Sunday night’s ceremony. “We ain’t gonna play with them no more. And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.”

Honestly I know Kanye thinks he is Yeezy and he is a king but it’s time to back up and back off. No one wants to see Kanye’s rants anymore. He is a self obsessed jackass that needs to wake up and realize he is not a god. He is a celebrity obsessed fame whore.

Beck fired back at the Kanye West interruption and was the sweetest man. He didn’t have a bad thing to say.

“I thought she was going to win,” Beck admitted to reporters backstage. “Come on, she’s Beyoncé! … I was just so excited he was coming up. He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

Check out Beyoncé and Jay Z’s reaction to Kanye taking over the stage. It’s priceless!

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