Justin Bieber is fed up of people saying his Calvin Klein shoot was photoshopped.Juzzy is getting the facts straight (or becoming very defensive) and posted a photo of himself in a towel showing off his body with the caption ‘Photoshop lol.’

I’ve got to say looking at that photo, Justin Bieber looks Abstastic! It doesn’t look like there is any photoshop going on. Who ever took that photo is one lucky human!!

Bieber’s legal team threatened to sue a website posting fake photos of Justin looking slim saying his Calvin Klein photoshoot was photo shopped.


Biebr has been working very hard with his trainer Patrick Nilsson to prep for his Calvin Klein shoot.

The duo trains together for approximately 40 minutes each day, five days a week and if good “looks” were the objective, their hard work has paid off. Fans can say goodbye to the skinny, floppy-haired kid of yesteryear and hello to a new, improved Justin Bieber.

“I want him to look like Marky Mark…I feel like this is what he needs to get where he wants to be. He’s definitely leaner and a lot stronger.”

Lucky for us ladies he was even hotter then Marky Mark!


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