Kim Kardashian-West the face of Vogue Australia February Issue

Kim Kardashian-West is the face of Vogue for the 2015 Australian February issue.

Is it any surprise that Kim is the face of Vogue Australia. Vogue editor-in-chief Edwina McCann says it was a no-brainer.

“Kim Kardashian is one of the most searched people on Google, with as many Instagram followers (23 million and counting) as there are Australians. She is polarising. She is regularly the victim of cyber bullying. She is a serious fashion fan. She is also awfully nice,” McCann says.

“She’s a sweetie and I think sometimes with the L.A. factory, it’s easy to ridicule … there’s a real disconnect between opinions of her and the reality of her,” she told


The shoot was taken at Jervis Bay, just two hours out of Sydney in The National Park. It’s a private enough area that they weren’t overcrowded by the paparazzi. according to McCann, Kim was a pleasure to work with and not a diva in the slightest.

“Obviously we shoot with a lot of famous people and there are diva antics, but Kim left her hotel at 6am and worked until dark and never complained once. She treated everyone on set with respect and dignity, from the assistants to the creators,” McCann said.

“She doesn’t have all of these strange body dysmorphic issues. She’s got her curves, and she’s proud of them.

“She sees herself as a blank canvas and willingly puts herself out there and invites commentary about it,” McCann said, referring to her infamous Paper magazine cover.


Kim is a real inspiration to women all over the world and to all women who have body issues. Kim is the ‘IT’ girl for curves and inspiring women to love their bodies no matter what.

The cover comes out January 12th. Get your copy today!


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