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Ryan has been evicted from the Big brother house with the closest eviction in Big Brother History!

We were over the housemates treating Ryan terribly and calling him stupid! He isn’t stupid! He is sweet and caring and definitely the most attractive male in the house!

The percentages were incredibly close with who to SAVE in the house. Ryan lost at a 32 percent save rate, following Ryan was Benjamin at 33 percent and Bradley at 35 percent.

Now that Ryan has left the house what will happen with Estelle? Do you think Ryan and Estelle will last the show or do you think Estelle is just in Big Brother for the game and will find herself someone knew? Bradley could get his way and finally have his second kiss after enjoying his first kiss so much with Estelle.

Ryan has said that he will miss Estelle and he wasn’t playing a game, he really likes her and that’s him. He said ‘She’s awesome, friendly and I really feel a connection there.” Throughout nominations Ryan was given the power eviction vote and gave his power to Estelle! We weren’t surprised that Ryan gave the power to Estelle as he sold Sonia Kruger, Big Brother host that Estelle was a 10 out 10.

We will miss living in the Life of Ryan.

Have your say, who do you think should have been evicted from Big Brother


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