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90210 star, Jennie Garth has everyone talking about her new thin frame. Although she looks amazing one has to think to themselves when is enough enough?

After 11 years of marriage to Twilight star Peter Facinelli you can definitely see the difference between Jennie now and Jennie then. After five months of divorce Jenny has dramatically shrunk her frame down. She said “ “I’ve been certainly going through a transitional time in my life.”












It doesn’t look like Jennie has been having that bad a time as she just posted photos of her holidaying in Vegas where she showed of her HOT NEW BOD in Vegas poolside. She definitely looked more confident with her body and wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. It almost seems like divorce is agreeing with Jennie as she definitely is looking like her old self- Hello Kelly Taylor!

What do you think of Jennie’s new frame? Do you ‘LIKE’ it?

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