The time has finally come for E news presenter Giuliana Rancic and hubby Bill Rancic as their baby boy entered the world late last night. Bill took to twitter saying “The “Duke” has landed! Edward Duke Rancic was welcomed into the world last night at 7lbs 4oz. G & I feel blessed beyond words…We did it!”

According to Giuliana Rancic, the labor took just over five hours where the couple was filled with love and tears as their newborn son Edward entered into the world. Bill was in charge of cutting the umbilical cord while Giuliana was the first one to hold their new son. Giuliana took to twitter “Bill and I are blessed beyond words to welcome Edward into our lives,”

What a journey the Rancic’s have been through to get their Duke!

Congratulations G and B!




The countdown is on for E news presenter Giuliana Rancic and her husband Bill Rancic as they found out their gestational carrier is in labor. Bill Rancic recently tweeted,” It’s Game Time…”

After three attempts of IVF treatments, six weeks of radiation for her early stages of breast cancer, a double mastectomy and a miscarriage, it was about time something fantastic and magical happened in Giuliana’s life.  Giuliana said on her television show ‘Giuliana and Bill’, “I’m not going to give up…God has a plan for me.”


Giuliana and Bill are staying by their gestational carriers side in Colorado where Giuliana is anxiously waiting to meet her new born son.

We couldn’t be happier for you G.

Keep a look out for Donald Trump’s new ‘Baby Apprentice’ program airing soon…



Today marks the day of King of pop, Michael Jackson’s 54th birthday. Although three years have gone past, the legend still remains an icon to billions around the world.

Tweets have been going crazy on the ‘Offical Michael Jackson’ fan page with fans tweeting their favourite Michael Jackson lyrics and tweeting their sorrows. Paris Jackson took to twitter this morning saying “Thru my joy & sorrow, in the promise of another 2morro, I’ll never let u apart for ur always in my heart… happy birthday I love you daddy.”

Prince, Paris and Blanket are showing their respect by visiting MJ’s home town, Indianna accompanied by co guardian, Katherine Jackson and Aunt La Toya Jackson. The kids have been asked to throw the first pitch at The South Shore Rail Cats baseball game in honour of their father.

La Toya Jackson tweeted “I had such a fun day with my family in Indiana! What great memories! There’s no place like home!” After the feuding going on with the Jackson family, maybe a little family time is needed to bring the Jackson clan back together.

In respect of MJ, we ask you to comment or tweet your favourite MJ song lyric or quote!

News Flash!

Put your hands up if your over the K Stew and R Patz relationship drama?

My honest opinion is that  celebrities have a different will power then the normal human being. Why is it that celebrities have the ability to break up/ divorce from each other and within a week they have a new boyfriend or husband? Is it a cougar thing? i seem to notice the younger the celebrity, the whinier they get. If K Stew is the highest paid actress on the Forbes list,  why is it that she doesn’t have enough money to hire a publicist and get the media to SHUT THE HELL UP.

This break up has done wonders for R Patz. No longer is R Patz sad and whining- He now has the ability to get out into the open and hookup with someone HOT! of course in the celebrity field… who has R Patz been partying with you may ask? None other then Katy Perry!

Say good bye to R Patz and K Stew every getting back together ladies. Once a cheater, always a cheater Continue reading News Flash!

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