News Flash!

Put your hands up if your over the K Stew and R Patz relationship drama?

My honest opinion is that  celebrities have a different will power then the normal human being. Why is it that celebrities have the ability to break up/ divorce from each other and within a week they have a new boyfriend or husband? Is it a cougar thing? i seem to notice the younger the celebrity, the whinier they get. If K Stew is the highest paid actress on the Forbes list,  why is it that she doesn’t have enough money to hire a publicist and get the media to SHUT THE HELL UP.

This break up has done wonders for R Patz. No longer is R Patz sad and whining- He now has the ability to get out into the open and hookup with someone HOT! of course in the celebrity field… who has R Patz been partying with you may ask? None other then Katy Perry!

Say good bye to R Patz and K Stew every getting back together ladies. Once a cheater, always a cheater

VB xoxo

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