Kim Kardashian Naked Photos Leaked for LOVE Magazine #BreakTheInternet

Move over Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian is about to #BreakTheInternet with her latest 30 page spread for LOVE magazine.

The saucy photos of Kim’s 30 page spread were leaked all over the Internet exposing Kim Kardashian completely naked.

According to Kardashian, the project was styled by Katie Grand and shot at a motel in Los Angeles by photographer Steven Klein.

“We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA. One night til 4am,” she noted when she shared her cover on Instagram. “@kegrand dressed me in all vintage and custom @Prada and bleached my brows! Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread with Steven Klein for Love Magazine.”

Check out some of the leaked photos and tell us what you think?


B83-7xeIEAAyLbd kim-kardashian-looks-unrecognizable-for-love kim-kardashian-love-magazine-600x450

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