The Super Bowl was ALL about Katy Perry, John Mayer and Russell Brand

Who cares about football when a love triangle is happening right in front of us at the half time show.

Katy Perry + John Mayer + Russell Brand = TROUBLE… Or just complete WEIRDNESS!

Katy Perry was a smashing hit at the half time show of the Super Bowl where she was joined by Missy Elliot and surprisingly John Mayer. It looks like the love birds have rekindled their love and confirmed it with a fun/ blurry Instagram photo.

According to US Weekly, Mayer had been waiting behind the scenes to congratulate Perry following the halftime performance.

To make matters even more strange, Katy Perry’s ex husband Russell Brand sent his wishes to the singer via Twitter saying ‘Super Bowl may be baffling to Brits but half time show will be amazing. Good luck KP.’

This is the first instance of contact we have seen from Russell Brand in a long time.

What do you make of this?


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